3 Party Tips to Make Your Karaoke Night Out more Intriguing
May 29, 2018

Whether it’s in the shower, car, or in front of a mirror, sometimes we just pick up an imaginary mic and like to belt out a few tunes. Almost all of us have treated our hairbrush as a precious mic, haven’t we? And, on Friday night when going outwith friends to relieve some work stress, we finally get the chance to show off our inner monstrous singer and fulfill our rock star fantasies at the karaoke night. But not everyone is a big fan of this activity as they might feel anxious at the thought of going up on the stage and sing in front of others. So, here we have given some useful tips to beat the feelings of dread and make the karaoke night fun for everyone.

Start Things Off With “Bumpers”

At the beginning, anyone can be hesitant and feel jittery about getting in front of the mic. So, instead of pushing people around to take the first chance, kick the show off by introducing some great bumpers or stringers. It will help fill the dead air and encourage people to unleash their hidden talent.

These Introduction "Guards" are utilized at various live or sports events to buffer transitions between the performances. The safest bets for some classic and rock stringers are “Edgy Bumpers of album Logos and Stingers”, “Glitchy Engine from Motion & Pulse album”, and “Rock In The City of Black & Blue album”.

Play Karaoke Roulette


Undoubtedly, it is the most prevalent game played and enjoyed at karaoke night shows. The motivation behind this game is to have the participants sing melodies that they would never conventionally croon into their microphones. The tunes for this game are usually picked by "luck of the draw".

The host will have tokens, with track titles inscribed on them, in a sack and every person must haul one out from that satchel. Whether it’s an easy song or a difficult one, participants need to warble the entire track to proceed forward to the next round. That way the game continues and the person who reaches and completes the final round winsit. Are you bouncing off the walls already? Well, that’s understandable! But remember, you aren't there to get discovered by a talent scout for some music agency, so no need to feel pressurized, just have a good time with others.

Get a Hold of Awesome Karaoke Library & Songbooks

Each karaoke restaurant has songbooks or music library of thousands of tracks that go from old hits, Original Pinoy Music, to even the most recent ones heard on the TV or radio. However, the Disk Jockey won’t allow you play all your favorite music tracks as there are other people in the queue waiting to play their favorite melodies. While the songbooks resemble food menus, patrons jump at the chance to browse and hear melodies before making their final decision.

Which is why you need to "trim the fat" by stopping listing various versions of one single tune and selecting the ballads that are familiar to everyone. What’s the benefit of keeping 100 songs in your library when around 90 of them suck? You can get the duplicates of the music from the club before hand to hear and finalize your list. Go through the titles or artists (online) to create a playlist of decent & common chants and playit during your party. But don’t forget to talk to your buddies and ask about their musical preferences and opinions.

The Last words

On the off chance that you love a chorus and have it memorized by your heart, then simply pick it! There's no damage in selecting a song that not every person is familiar with. Also, set up hip-hop, jazz, and classical music for your party as upbeat or rock songs tend to be a better crowd pleaser than “sappy and sad melodies”.

So, next time when you go for a karaoke night in Rancho Cucamonga or nearby, put your own twist and make your own interpretation of the track with your mediocre singing. Remember, since you are holding the mic, you are the main vocalist, and the song is all yours.