5 Annoying Things People Indulge In At Live Music Events
Dec 07, 2017

Going to a live music event is one of the best life experiences one could ever have. Whether you want a bonding time with your best pals or want to make your date more memorable, it’s an enjoyable way to spend a beautiful evening. It also means you may have to deal with a bunch of unruly people and their frustrating & complex behavior.

From a social media lover to puker to a shouty jerk, you will see different annoying kinds of people at the event. Regardless of how awesome the event is, some people from the crowd can spoil other’s fun and enjoyable time. Here is the rundown of five most annoying live music behaviors at Inland Empire restaurants or bars, which may make you feel like things are getting worse than ever.

Behavior #1: Checking e-mails, Facebook notifications, Instagram posts, and Tweets every couple of minutes.

The ubiquity of cell phones means a big chunk of audience scarcely pay attention to the live music concert. Unless you're a physician, fire fighter, or a cop things can wait. Take your time to live in the moment, enjoy the show, and savor your life. You can check your Facebook or email your companions when you return home from the event. Also, your cell phone’s annoying and distracting light might disturb others who are there to enjoy the concert. So, for hell’s sake, just turn it off and focus on the music.

Behavior #2: Pushing others around to get in front of them.

Do you know what really pisses someone off in the large crowd during the event? It’s pushing. Nobody likes getting pushed around just because there are .02 inches of space in front of them. Also, it does not mean that you or your friends should use force to pass through others in order to get a bit closer to the stage. What's even worse is if someone pulls this type of trick on others and then just occupies the space in front of them. We get it, you want to take a close glimpse of your favorite performer, but it is not right to shove others for a front row spot or a great view.

Behavior #3: Incessantly talking to your buddies when a song is being played.

You might not like whatever song is playing. Or maybe your friends just dragged you there against your will. However, in many scenarios, it doesn’t seem right to spend the entire concert gabbing with your friends. C’mon, think about those around you too. They can hear every word you say, and it drives them crazy. You disturb others by screaming into your friend’s face (because we all know how hard it is to conduct a conversation over live music).

Behavior #4: Yelling out your favorite song request too many times.

A lot of people will tell you that screaming a song request from the middle of a crowd is rude. However, DJs and bands have become accustomed to this kind of behavior. What you can do is send your request through a Facebook chat or Twitter DM to the band beforehand. But make sure you don’t follow-up after submitting it. If your song is not played yet, then don’t scream in other’s ears throughout the entire show. Just go along for the ride and try to enjoy every single song. Also, don’t complain, shout, or get upset after the event because the DJ didn’t play your favorite track.

Behavior #5: Getting pissed off because of a tall fellow standing in front of you.

If a tall person is there first and a shorter person comes later and asks him to move, then that is simply idiotic! In that case, the small person should move and try to adjust for a better view. You can also politely ask someone to move up or back a little. Conversely, if that (tall) dude almost knocked a shorter person over trying to get the first line spot, then it’s totally not okay. In this scenario, you should firmly take a stand and ask the person to move, so you can have a fantastic view and enjoy the gig!

Going to a music event can be an excellent experience for you. After spending long hours in the concert, you are most likely to get too hungry for your favorite snack. Order some delicious and exotic food to munch on in the restaurants while enjoying live music in Inland Empire.