5 Reasons to Ring in 2018 with Live Music & Tons of Delicacies at a Restaurant
Jan 05, 2018

The holiday season is going on. It is also that time of the year when everyone is busy planning the New Year’s Eve with their friends and families. While some people hit the nearby club for a party, many still prefer to welcome the New Year more calmly.

In case you belong to the second category, then bidding farewell to 2017 by going cray-cray in a club may not be your best bet. On top of that, if you cannot compromise on the food quality and rate soothing music over a blaring DJ, then an exotic restaurant is the place to be.

Still not sure how to welcome2018? Well, here are five compelling reasons for you to celebrate the NYE at a fine dining restaurant in Inland Empire with live music & countless dainties to nourish your soul & belly respectively.

  1. Live Music All Night Long

No celebration is complete without music! It adds a lively vibe to your mood and enhances the taste of food. This experience can be further enhanced by live music. It sets the tone of your visit and helps in creating everlasting memories.

If the singer/band start singing your favorite tune, then you can always get your groove on and set the dance floor on fire! It doesn’t matter whether you go with your partner, friends, or colleagues, you will have a heck of night; one that you will remember for years!

  1. Value for Money

One of the biggest advantages of spending the eve in a restaurant is that you will not be charged an exorbitant amount of money just for entering the venue! Sounds silly, right? Well, it is happening everywhere and apparently, many folks don’t even mind paying the hefty sum upfront.

Additionally, most restaurants craft a special menu for the evening with tons of exotic appetizers. Many restaurants even offer complimentary nibbles &drinks for the evening in the festive mood! Furthermore, some restaurants even make provision for a special New Year’s Eve ‘all you can eat’ buffet for a bargain. When you pair that with the special menu and live music, you have got yourself a really sweet deal!

  1. Children are Welcome

If you have young ones to take care of, then you already know that finding a sitter can be a daunting task. The situation is even worse on popular holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Luckily, you can avert this quandary by having your kids sit on the same table as you!

This way, you will not have to be worried sick about them as they will be right in front of you the entire time. Moreover, restaurants do not mind the kids as long as they do not disturb other patrons. As a result, your children will also get the opportunity to have some fun and let their little feet loose!

  1. Brings Communities Together

The comforting atmosphere of a restaurant paired with soul-moving live melodies makes for a great place to bump into new people, initiate a conversation on music, and make possibly lifelong friends while you are at it.

Such musical events are known for offering you a one-of-a-kind experience that brings together individuals belonging to different communities &age-groups and provides them a window of opportunity to interact with one another.

Also, it gives them a chance to show their love & affection for their near and dear ones by dedicating them a few songs or maybe even sing them on their own! Talk about a memorable night!

  1. Celebrate in Style

If you were looking for a reason to flaunt that feathered headband you purchased 6 months back, this could be your chance! A large number of restaurants organize special events for the NYE with a dress code. It could be similar to the likes of black tie, Wild West, the1920s, etc. Who said you need a ramp to flaunt your fashion sense?

The Conclusion

Inland Empire is one of the best places if you fancy some live music along with a multi-course gourmet meal. It is loaded to the brim with a ton of events up its glittery sleeves. Many people will bid 2017 good riddance through parties, kissing, champagne, and fireworks. But that doesn’t mean you have to do it the same way!

Greeting 2018 in a restaurant comes with its own share of advantages, and if they suit your style, then we recommend making your reservation at the earliest because the best places in town tend to get all booked first!

Happy 2018, everyone!