6 Reasons Why a Sports Bar is Better than Live Stadium
Feb 28, 2019

Heading off to the stadium to watch your favorite game and ideal players beat the opposition greatly appeals to every sports fan. A large, big arena, long flood-light pillars, rip-roaring atmosphere, the comradeship of your fellow fans, and a storm of live controversy – there’s nothing like being at your favorite game out on the field.

Although doing all these surely sounds like a great plan, and yet, as a sports lover, the stadium experience is not for everyone. Sitting on hard, rigid plastic seats, having an obnoxious stoned lad- tripping and spilling his drink all over your shoes and garments, withstanding unannounced weather emergency - the long list of ruinous and unpleasant occurrences might outweigh the good in a flash. Well, that doesn’t mean you should not bother enjoying a great football game without actually being at the arena. Sports bars and clubs provide the perfect way to have a terrific time with as equal excitement and enthusiasm as the hustle and bustle of the stadium. This blog post explains why you should hit the club to watch the next big game and appreciate the match the way you want.

1. Stress Buster

In today’s competitive world, covering up a desk job five days a week, handling multiple tasks at the same time, and maintaining the balance between personal and work life tend us to lose our patience and leave us stressed and frazzled on weekends. The need of the hour is to declutter the mess from your brain, lift the ambiance, kick-start your circulation, and maintain peace of mind while enduring an arduous patch of life.

What can be a better way to unwind and relax, free from the stress of incessantly working or studying than to tune yourself into the sports you like and celebrate a score with your pals? Now, if you are in quest of a pure escape from the severe strain, then heading out to the stadium might not give you a pleasant break you seek. It might take over an hour or two to only find a spot to park your vehicle, not to mention, getting out of the parking lot takes more due to overcrowding. Some stadiums charge upwards of $30-$35 or even more from fans tailgating at games. Not a terrific stress-buster option, right?

That’s where sports bars and clubs come to your rescue with arena-like atmosphere and almost or absolutely free and easily obtainable parking space.

2. Cost-Effective

Long lines, less parking space, overcrowding, and lack of leg room are not the only concerns involved about going to games. The viewing approach has completely changed due to the hassle of attending the live sporting event as well as the cost. According to the Sports Survey Analysis Report, there’s a substantial plummet in the number of patrons towards the ground, especially for NFL games, over the last dozen years because they are being priced out. In point of fact, the average NFL ticket price by the team can be anywhere between $100 and $199, while a premium ticket runs over $350.

According to StubHub, the average price of a Super Bowl ticket (2019) sold was $4,380. And when factoring in astronomical charges for transportation, parking, food, souvenirs, and beers, one is set to spend a couple of hundred dollars at the stadium. As a result, going to games is almost becoming impossible for an average enthusiast to afford, between worrying about electricity bills and loan repayment. With 52-inch LED displays mounted on the walls, sports clubs & bars provide the same stadium-like feeling and make it too convenient to kick back in front of a big HD TV along with your fellas.

3. Chicken Wings, Hot Dogs, & Games

What else could be better than watching super bowl with your BFFs while gorging on scrumptious & mouth-watering nibbles to tickle your hunger? For most sports enthusiasts, the celebration of a live game is generally abided by chilled beer, hot & spicy chicken wings, and smoky hotdogs, living through the games in proportion to meticulously the same patterns as their ancestors. Most stadiums in the US have raised their ‘food and drink game’ with the addition of what is deduced to be cheap food and beverages at a high cost, and typically not of adequate quality.

Rather than spending between $10 and $15 for one beer and between $9 and $14 for hotdogs or finger foods, spice up the game with Filet Mignon, Crab Cakes, Linguini Pescatore, Lobster Ravioli, Meat Balls, Bruschetta, Crème brûlée, Pizza, and other scrumptious dishes at any sports club or bar near you. Since chicken and sports fit together like peas and carrots, choose from a variety of chicken dishes including Chicken Parmigiana Chicken Marsala, and Chicken Piccata that you and your BFFs can relish.

4. Endless Supply of Drinks

Nothing could be worse than running out of beverages and then missing the most commendable goal while fighting through the mad rush to get refills. Does it sound familiar? The existence of a strong, close relationship between beer or alcoholic beverages and sports is widely accepted, and buffs have their own pregame rituals related to it. Let it be a tailgate party, bar, or an arena, fans can be seen enjoying the game with a beer on their side. With a sports bar, however, there’s no worry about refilling your drink because they have got your back.

From French Margarita and Bluegrass Cooler to Block 19 Mountain Cuvée and Chardonnay, the sports bar is fully stocked with an assortment of cocktails, beer, blenders, and wine to keep the game day festivities rolling with each score point. If you and your friends are not of legal age yet, you can count on soft drinks such as Coca-Cola, Red bull, variations of Dew, and other Sports drinks.

5. A Reason to Scream

Sports clubs provide a complete getaway to indulge in the screaming games. Whether you want to watch the match plainly or curse the refs when they show a dreadful red card on your favorite player, you are free to give out a loud howl. Assuredly, your friends and even random strangers will feel the same tug and passion you feel. Club’s inviting, intriguing atmosphere, gourmet food, and stellar service will help you get rid of pent-up stress and live the moment.

6. Bonding Time

While getting comfort seats at the stadium can be indeed difficult and expensive since bays get congested pretty quickly, sports clubs in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, provide sports lovers with plenty of space to comfortably enjoy the game with their family or friends. It also allows you to spend quality time with your friends, face-to-face, you haven’t seen in months or years. Invite them to watch the game with you and catch up on their lives when an ad pops up on the screen.

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