A Descriptive Guide to Choose the Perfect Name for your Concoction
Oct 05, 2018

It’s no secret that naming a cocktail in a systematic, masterly fashion is as important as mixing and preparing innovative, flavorsome drinks in harmony with patrons’ expectations and perceptions. Even at the best of times, giving names to libations is a combative and emotional business. The process can breed practically interminable deliberation since one needs to add a fun factor and layers of depth to a title for making it attention-grabbing, neologistic, deviant, and descriptive. A cocktail’s name plays a monumental role in:

  • Giving a drink its final character;
  • Determining its popularity;
  • Creating brand recognition;
  • Evoking emotions and feelings in customers;
  • Impacting patrons’ purchasing decision; and so on.

Here are top four tricks that will help you scout the stupendous and captivating names for your new drink recipes and make a big hit among the restaurant industry.

1. Add a Twist to a Prestigious Locale’s Name

Many prime locales or geographical locations have brought us thousands of cocktails from around the world. One of the most famous, countless old beverages that include a city or any other significant place is the Manhattan, which is still a staple in the prominent bars and lounges today. This refreshing drink was purportedly born at the Manhattan Club in New York as well as named after the same bar. According to a buzz, the name Manhattan is driven from an Indian word ‘Manahachtanienk,’ which relatively means “The Island where we sipped liquor.”

Not to mention, there’s the classic Boston Sidecar; the Barbary Coast; the Park Avenue; the Baltimore Bracer; the San Francisco, and of course, the New York cocktail – the list is endless! But, you can still add a unique spin or catchphrase to a particular location and create a one-off label for your delicious libation.

2. Let Ingredients be your Guide

When in uncertainty as to how to think up a catchy name for your beverage, let ingredients and flavors be your inspiration, and be creative enough to grab your patrons’ attention. This literal approach gives a sense of familiarity and illustrates the value of your cocktails, which make it much easier for your customers to navigate and pick a drink more quickly and with more confidence.

For instance, the two main ingredients of a classic “Strawberry Champagne Punch” are champagne and strawberries. With just a few other ingredients, including fruit juice, a bit of liquor, and a carbonated beverage, you can quickly dress up a fresh, fizzy cold glass of festive, fruity punch. Remember, there’s no particular ingredient that you must add to this brew, expect champagne and strawberries! From frozen juice concentration to freshly squeezed juice – grape, orange, cranberry, pineapple, blueberry, or a different one – you can use any fruit you’d like, the choices are endless!

3. Reminisce the Historical Facts or Current Events

A commemorative cocktail name acts as a sort of alcoholic telegraph and a filtered headline calling out people to get their hands on it.

While one would be hard-pressed to find the dish ‘Chicken Marengo,’ named after a ferocious battle taken place at the village of Marengo, on the food menu, the French 75, a tongue-tingling libation prepared using gin, champagne, sugar, and lemon juice is a classic offering found on almost every full bar menu. From epic heroes and prodigious achievements to ephemeral trends and otherwise significant public figures, a commemorative name for your upcoming cocktail can be born out of an incredible assortment of historical events.

4. Use Personal Experience as your Inspiration

A cocktail’s name tied to some kind of personal experience will surely help your restaurant get credit for the drink through its title. For instance, Jason Mendenhall at The Wayland, named the cocktail “I Hear Banjo’s (Encore)” when the eerie noise of banjo popped into his head. The idea stimulated from the movie “Deliverance” in which a guy plays the banjo throughout the film. Such names can be inspired by a mother’s love, fond memories of past such as childhood, lovers, and other uncountable personal experiences. The more significance a name carries, the more benefits it will bring to your business.

Remember, your guests will definitely buy your drinks and come back for more if they like the taste and discover a direct relevance to them. So try to come up with names that are reasonably gender neutral; too feminine or too rough might cause some of your guests to have qualms about ordering it. Also, before settling on a particular label, always Google that ‘very name’ to determine if it is already being used in full bars elsewhere or different restaurants around town since you won’t want to put a trademarked libation name on your menu.

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