Beyond Points: Loyalty Program to Shape Your Italian Restaurant - Infographic
Feb 22, 2019

A loyalty or reward program doesn’t need an introduction. Entrepreneurs are pretty familiar with this term – it’s just that some make the most out it while others ignore its importance for their business.

The loyalty program is not about just points; it’s become an exclusive, handy tool for marketers to advertise their company’s products and services and draw in more customers in exchange for perks, discounts, and reward points. And restaurants are no exception. To satisfy their need to retain customer loyalty and boost repeat business, restaurateurs are starting to look beyond the monetary rewards and creating as well as implementing customer-delighting, money-spinning loyalty programs in their marketing strategy. As of now, around 40% of businesses offer a loyalty or reward program by integrating it with their Italian restaurant POS system. In this way, they can directly track their loyalty sales and profitability in their POS reporting.

Loyalty Program for Restaurant