Top Reasons Why Italian Food Is Savored Throughout the World!
Oct 30, 2017

There are countless cuisines around the world, and you may often wonder which one is better – French, Chinese, Italian, or others. There is no doubt that Italian food has a universal appeal and almost everyone loves to eat it. But the question is: why & what makes Italian food so unique, popular, globally special, and different from other food types. It’s all about using fresh, high-quality ingredients and basic cooking techniques to enhance the natural flavors of the food. However, it takes a great deal of effort to create a scrumptious Italian meal.

Usually, many people only think and talk about Pasta, Spaghetti, Pizza, Tiramisu, or Spaghetti with creamy sauces whenever they hear the phrase ‘Italian food’. Well, that’s not true…Not at all! This cuisine is so variegated, and at the very bottom of the menu, there is only one rule, and that’s variety. Lasagna. Risotto. Pesto. Pizza. Bruschetta. Antipasto. Cacciatore. Meatballs. Fettuccine Alfredo. These are some examples of Italian dishes, but that’s not all! Italian food culture is incredibly diverse even when it comes to deserts, staples, soups, and other kinds of foods.

Here are a handful of reasons why Italian food is savored throughout the world:

Quality & Delicious

Food is the essence of life, and for Italians, this is very true! Not only is their food quite delicious but also is extremely popular for its quality, whether we talk about its appearance, flavor, texture, smell, or taste. To preserve the taste and nutrition of the dish, they use quite a few ingredients which are fresh and of high quality.

Simple yet Healthy

Italians don’t enjoy fast food or require a recipe manual. They cook the same way their Grandparents taught them. There are a few characteristics tied to their food, including quality of vegetables, fruits, spices, beef, and other ingredients. They have plenty of ways to make their meals both healthy and satisfying. Chicken Bake. Linguine Carbonara Primavera. Cannoli. Aubergine Rolls. Artichoke & Olive Calzones. Italian Butter Beans. Macaroni. And of course Pizza Margherita. Every dish is a heavenly fusion of elements of various culinary traditions – simple, yet healthy & delicious.

Homey Feeling

An authentic Italian feast goes well beyond the delicious dishes that are served for lunch or supper. In reality, for Italians, serving and eating scrumptious Italian cuisine is not only to whet  their appetite, but also a way of getting to know each other and having a long chat with family, companions, or neighbors.

Flavorful & Fresh Ingredients

Processed foods or artificial substances can affect your health, which is why Italians are very picky when it comes to choosing ingredients as they correctly understand its importance in cooking. It not only enhances the taste of a culinary but also helps you to make nutritionally-enhanced foods. That’s why they use only organic and fresh ingredients to prepare mouth-watering meals.

World-class Cooking

Italians know how to eat, but they also know how to cook perfectly well. You might have heard about the ‘Louis XIII Pizza’ before. It is currently the most expensive pizza in the world with the cost of € 8,300.00. You read it right! Any guesses where it is originated from? Of course, from Italy. So, it is not wrong to say that Italians are world-class chefs and cooking masters.

Wonderful Variations

Now you may think that these are enough reasons to answer its popularity. Well, there’s more to it. One of the great things about Italian food culture is that they have an infinite number of recipes and cooking techniques that are passed on from generation-to-generation. Every single region of Italy has a distinct flavor & taste and so is its cuisine, thus making it endlessly fascinating.

Balanced Diet

When it comes to maintaining a healthy weight & body composition, it’s clear that Italians know something that others don’t. They balance the quantity and quality of their food with the Mediterranean diet. They intake the right balance of good fat in extra virgin olive oil, a little meat, and a lot of vegetables along with seafood, grains, and pulses in their food. Also, they believe in eating their meals in small portion but more frequently.

Whether you dream of a voyage to the Italian countryside or just want to have a taste of its exotic & delicious foods, there is no doubt that you will love Italy's authentic recipes, food culture, and sight-seeing. Get your family together and visit a restaurant for a fine dining with classic & best Italian food in Rancho Cucamonga. So pack your bags and experience the joy of Italian cuisine.